Here we present our crew:

Tadeusz Berliński – hunter, connected with dogs and hunting almost from his birth, thanks to his father Stanisław Berliński – keen hunter and hunting dogs breeder with ‘Dzicze Echo’ kennel name.

Renata Berlińska (earlier Czechowska) – connected with setters from about 20 years, to cynology and hunting led by her setter Fokker. Assistant of exterier and working trial for hunting dogs. Since 2006 a member of Polish Hunting Association

Janka Berlińska – future young handler, on Field Tests in Piotrków Trybunalski honoured with a prize for the youngest participant.

Hanka Berlińska – the youngest member of our family but already with experience in the field. She took part in Fokka's training and in Milan's Novotny Memorial before she was born.

As hunters, we would like our setters were first of all working dogs, full of passion and temperament. But we want also they kept so characteristic for setters aristocratic elegance, noble head expression, friendly character. We just want they match exactly the breed standard.

Too long, curly or woolly hair makes hard the work in thickets and it’s difficult to remove burrs and other dirts from such coat. Too long neck causes dogs have to put more effort into retrieving the game. Such examples could be multiplied. That’s why our dogs probably will not make amazing careers on dog shows, where most important is impressiveness, measured by big size and abundant coat. But they should be best companions for hunters and people who likes active leisure in dog’s company.

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