D: Fokker’s FIONA
Junior Field Tests – 1st prize diploma
Versatile autumn trial – 3rd prize diploma


S: Russell’s KISMET
German Work Champion (VGP, HZP, BP, ES)
German Show Champion (VDH), Turkish Show Champion
HDA, CLAD NN, PRA rcd4 clear
import Canada



Born 17th of August 2011
Dam: Lohmann’s OTTER-FOKKA
Sire: PALISANDER Rude Ziółko


All puppies from „F” – litter are already in their new homes:
Fiona - stayed with us. Very easy to train, loves retrieving and generally all kind of cooperation with owners. She gained 1rd prize diploma from Junior Hunting tests and the 3rd prize diploma on versatile autumn trail.
Fiona’s gallery

Fado – lives in Warsaw. She gained the 1st prize diploma and 3rd place on Junior Hunting Tests.
Fado’s gallery

Finka – hunts in Norway
Finka’s gallery

Fokka – livies and hunts with her relative Lohmann’s Rasant and some pointers.
Fokka’s gallery

Forga – lives in Milanówek with Mrs Katarzyna Pakosińska
Forga’s gallery

Fregata – lives in Opole with a group of friends: golden retriever, French buldog and cats.
Fregata’s gallery

Freya – lives near Olsztyn. Loves swimming and long trips.
Freya’s gallery

Falcon i Foxtrot – live and hunt in Switzerland.
Falcon’s &i Foxtrot’s gallery

Fiord – Lives in Pomiechówek (Poland). His owner makes him wonderful photos.
Fiord’s gallery

Fokker – lives with his dad Palisander In Brzego Dolny. He gained the 3rd prize diploma on Field Trials couple.
Fokker’s gallery

Fort – lives in kennel „Lohmann’s” from which comes his mother. Fort passed JuS and VJP trials and is the Champion of Turkey. He became a father of a litters in kennels Lohmann's, Templin's Irish Setter von der Verraaue and Apoli Gwen.
Fort’s gallery

Fred – lives in Warsaw. Gained 1st prize diploma and 3rd place on Junior Hunting Tests. Hunts with his owner who considers him the most beautiful and smartest dog in the world.
Fred’s gallery


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