Our kennel name was registered in July 2008, but the course of events which led to its creating started about twenty years ago. Let’s start from the beginning…

Year  1987

Lieutenant Tadeusz Berliński is the commander of meteorological station in 39th Fighter
Regiment on military airfield in Mierzęcice.

I, Renata Czechowska then, get my first dog – irish setter named Wiker. Wiker treats me very effective from dreams about an ideal dog from films and books. He is simply a Setter: independent, stubborn and freedom loving. Finally we arrive at a compromise: he will not behave like a police dog but will learn main obedience rules and become a wonderful companion in our games and trips.

Year  1994

            We lose Wiker. This time I have no doubt which dog will be his successor. Only setter! And quickly BIM Wzgórze Wiatrów joins us. He got the family name ‘FOKKER’. Fokker is the name of fighter plane. In polish such planes are called ‘hunters’. But our Fokker isn’t even dreaming about hunting yet. Like Wiker, he is simply family companion.

Year  1997

By accident we meet Mr Wlodzimierz Szyc, the owner of legendary Chestnut’s Fingal and Connemara’s Fingal. He encourages us to show Fokker. After first failures, we start to achieve successes.

Year  1999

            Fokker is already Polish Champion but to obtain breeding qualification he must pass field tests. I’m very anxious but Fokker gets 1st prize diploma and I’m praised by judges for leading the dog. I feel I like field trials more than shows. I’m learning rules of more serious trials for hunting dogs and check, just out of curiosity, how Fokker would manage with them.

Year  2000

On the show in Cracow we meet charming young bitch, BREZA Harpol and her owners, Helena and Andrzej Bartoszewicz. Breza is not only beautiful, she comes from the known working family and has fantastic hunting skills. I’m asking Breza’s hand in Fokker’s name. Our proposal is accepted!

Year  2001

            In ‘Rude Ziolko’ kennel thirteen Breza’s and Fokker’s puppies are born, and among them our JAGER-JACHT.
           Fokker turns out to be very clever and I dare to start with him in autumn trial, consisting in field and water work, with retrieving and tracking. We fail only in one task: hare tracking. I’m not give up and we are still training.

Year  2002

            Autumn trial in Pszczyna – Fokker gets 1 st prize diploma and 3rd place. Now I can dedicate all my time for training young Jacht – he must be not only pretty but also working

Year  2003

Mr Andrzej Bartoszewicz offers me coownership of Rude Ziolko kennel, I agree with great pleasure. Thanks to possibility of building ‘Rude Ziolko’ I aquired lots of experience, we were together passing through births of puppies, breeding successes and failures.

In autumn Jager starts in Milan’s Novotny Memorial in Czech Republic, gains 1st prize diploma and place among leading dogs.

Years 2004-2005

In April 2005 we lose Fokker – wonderful dog, which led me to the world of dog shows, trials and hunting. A few months later young OHAR joins our family.

Meanwhile Jacht continues his father’s work and realises my dreams about having pretty and working dog. He is Polish Champion, fulfill all requirements to become Czech Champion, is winning also in Hungary and Germany. He gained again 1st prize diploma on Milan’s Novotny Memorial and 3rd prize diploma on Autumn Trial in Poland. He is also practical hunter, has good point, loves water, is excellent retriever. We need one more CACIB to interchampion title, the success seems to be so close…

Unfortunately, the car accident thwarts our plans. Jager has broken both right legs, he will never completely recover. But we are alive and that means we have to do something on this world.

Year   2006

Christiane and Andreas Lohmann, breeders of working irish setters from Germany, are going to spend their holidays in Poland. They would like to see Jager. We are going for the meeting with Tadeusz. It’s our first shared ‘dog trip’. And succesful: Jager is going to be father of ‘O’ Lohmann’s litter. And we decide to keep his daughter.

Year  2007

Speed of events is growing: in July son and eight daughters of Jager and Heidi are born. In September we get married and go for honeymoon to Alfen in Germany, where we take our little Fokka.


Year 2008

We register our own kennelname: Fokker’s. And waiting for continuation of our story…



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